“Haffie Wanted A Car Better Than Mine.” Lwasa Breaks Silence On Breakup After Being Laughed At By Social Media In-Laws.

Businessman Emmanuel Kaweesa Lwasa said he ended his romance with Haffie because her demands were nearly-impossible to meet.

Lwasa while appearing on Sanyuka TV on Wednesday said that Haffie first asked for a new car, then she demanded not to see visitors at his house.

It was a stunt, I cannot sleep with him - Lwasa's new catch Haffie

“I wanted to marry her, but she turned into a wastrel. Because, to begin with, she told me she wants a car better than mine… then she said she doesn’t want anyone at home… and I said I can’t fulfill that, so let me get you another place where I can put you,” Lwasa said.

“And I started looking for a house to buy… after going through all that, I said, I’m going to meet your father. And I rang my agent, telling him I want to travel to Nairobi. I wanted to first go alone and leave her behind… and that’s when rumormongers started speaking into her ears… and I was like, what do I want? And I decided to leave.”

Lwasa, who had just gone through a humiliating breakup with his Vanessa Vanny, proposed to Haffie on January 25 in front of newsmen.

But on Tuesday Haffie appeared on TV saying the proposal was staged but she accepted it because she didn’t want to see Lwasa get embarrassed.

According to her, she has never had feelings for Lwasa, citing age difference among the reasons. “Lwasa is at the age of my dad,” she said.

She said after her parents and siblings learned about the incident, they started wondering if he had blackmailed her into the act.

The chatty businessman said he met Haffie, who is Somali but lives in Kenya, while on a business trip.

Meanwhile, Lwasa also commented on his past relationship with Angel Kwakunda and Dianah Nabatanzi.

“Women are not easy. Let me start in the middle, with Nabatanzi… ask yourself, why did she fail to get married to a man like me?… then I left her, and I started dating Angel… but the moment I boarded a plane… she went and they started kissing her … and I was like, what’s this?” he said.

Lwasa also dated songstress Desire Luzinda.


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