Social Media In-Laws Warn Pretty Nicole Against Hanging Out With Cephco, Insisting That He Will Chew Her As Always.

Netizens were quick to warn Pretty Nicole after seeing her hanging out with Ismael Sefuko, better known as Dr. Cephco.

Dr. Cephco is a man of many hats when it comes to the internet but he has become notorious for his racy live TikTok videos with his girlfriends.

Pretty Nicole, Cephco and his girlfriend Hezo

In a video shared on TikTok Cephco tells Nicole: “First greet them.”

Nicole: “I’ve already greeted them, sir.”

Cephco: “You’ve been live [on TikTok]?”

Nicole: “Yes.”

Cephco: “You’ve beautiful hair… it’s so beautiful… They’ve been saying she can’t attend the burial. My friend, she has come.”

A commenter said: “sefuko I know u Nicole muleke [leave her alone 😜😜😜”

One Choo Jack hyun said: “otandise [You’ve started].”

One Triple k noted: “I don’t think she’s safe😏”

Another commenter said: “You should release kafta with immediate effect this was a teen fight I think she also deserves to be happy.”

Another said: “let me hope that she is safe cos father is there and ssefuko🥺🥺🥺”

Dr. Cephco has publicised most of his romantic relationships but the most popular have been with Yvonne, Jowie, and currently Hezo.

He and Nicole were going to attend the burial of TikTok sensation Asia, real name Aisha Rose Namirembe.

Asia, who passed on Friday, allegedly died of poisoning and she has been sick for about two weeks.

A witness, who was there during her last days, told the media: “Her stomach swelled, and Asia is saying, I’m in too much pain.. I’m dying, I’m dying… then I told Mama Asia to take her for a scan… When they took her for a scan in Kamwokya, they said they found fluids in her body… and she was given medicine, but the pain didn’t subside. The whole night she was in pain and they returned her to the hospital and took her to the theater for treatment. But her body had given away and she couldn’t feel anything around the back of the neck area. She was put on oxygen and she died. But they say it was poison. That she ate like three weeks back. She had been in pain for two weeks, wailing all the time, and we thought she was just pretending.”

A number of celebrities mourned her and some like Spice Diana went to the burial.


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