“I Am Neither In TNS Nor Out Of It” Short Pencil-Sized Pinky Creates Confusion Among Her Little Fans.

Pinky has left netizens confused after she disclosed that she did not leave Team No Sleep. The songstress as well maintains that she is actively not part of the group.

For a couple of months now, singer Rahmah Pinky has been the talk of the town not only for her good music but also for her broken ties with one of the top stakeholders in the music industry.

Piky who was introduced on the big scene by TNS boss Jeff Kiwa over a year ago was reportedly fired late last year over her character and disobedience.

She has since appeared in several interviews claiming that she was being used while under the music crew that has previously hosted the likes of Pallaso, Sheebah, Nina Roz, among others.

While appearing before local YouTubers recently, however, the Picha singer claimed that she has never left Team No Sleep.

When asked why she had left the group, Pinky emphasized that she is neither in TNS nor out of it and that her fans should not be bothered by where she is but rather by what music she is releasing.

Pinky noted that even her latest project Kilombe Kya Zaabu was sponsored by Team No Sleep and that fans should stop caring about her on-and -off relationship with the music camp.


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