Lydia Jazmine releases video of her latest single ‘Gwokya Nga Omuliro’

Lydia Jazmine dropped visuals of her new ballad titled Gwokya Nga Omuliro. The audio of the song came out two weeks ago.

The video of the song, which was filmed by Sasha Vybz, has breathtaking visuals that were captured from the greenery.

It’s also pleasant to listen to. It’s on a similar beat as her latest singles like Omutima and Kapeesa, which was her hottest song in 2022.

Jazmine, who has never shared her love life with her fans, sings about love in the sweet jam. “Your love is hot like fire,” goes the song whose lyrics are in Luganda.

“You’re sugary like sugarcanes from Kawolo… Lick yourself one time and find out. You shine like a star when you smile and laugh.”

Renders Jazmine: “When I see someone looking at you, I don’t feel good… there are a lot of temptations… I will fight for you. “You are a head-turner when you are well-dressed… You’re sharp like a panga.”

Last year Jazmine, real name Lydia Nabawanuka, revealed that one of the reasons she hadn’t released new music is because she was acquiring new management.

At the start of this year, it was revealed that she went back to her former manager Bushingtone. Bushingtone, who is one of the top producers in town, was born George Bush Kagoda.

Bushingtone started working with Jazmine when he hired her to be a backup singer for Mowzey Radio and Weazel Manizo.

She featured on their songs like Breathe Away, which was produced by Michael Fingers; and Ntunga, which was produced by Nessim.

She also did the same for Pallaso, Sheeba Kalungi, and Bebe Cool until she dropped her first single titled You Know featuring Rabadaba and produced by Nessim.

Bushingtone was her manager under his label Necta Music, Jazmine split with her former manager Ronnie Mulindwa around June 2022.


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