Ethiopia: Calm state in Amhara as Protests come to a halt, Internet restored.

Ethiopia’s Amhara has remained peaceful for the last 28 hours after a protest and a curfew was instated in the country to prevent an uprise in violence.

There were reports of several people being shot at during protests held on Tuesday, which marked the sixth consecutive day of rallies against the government plans.

Protesters chant slogans during a demonstration over what they say is unfair distribution of wealth in the country at Meskel Square in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, August 6, 2016. REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri – RTSLDSE photo from DW. 

“There was occasional shooting in the morning but I think it was to disperse them [the protesters]. Now the shooting has stopped but roads are still closed,” the resident said.

Curfews had been imposed on three major cities of Gondar, Dessie and Debre Birhan to prevent the protests from spiraling out of control. This was reportedly accompanied by an Internet blackout, which the Ethiopian government has resorted to before to quell dissent.



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