“Lekelaawo Okundekanila kust do Good Music” Angry David Lutalo responds to Pallaso

Singer David Lutalo is not about to cease fire on fellow singer Pallaso as he tells him to go back to studios and do good music.

The war between David Lutalo and Pallaso started last week with Lutalo as he did an interview and included Pallaso.

He said he is not talented and he doesn’t understand the kind of music he is doing at the moment.

Pallaso who has been struggling to make it to the top didn’t appreciate David Lutalo’s statement. He immediately replied to him and the war started from their

According to Pallaso, David Lutalo’s music is old fashion and he has no moral authority to comment on his which is upto date.

David Lutalo is also claiming that Pallaso’s music is old fashioned he needs to go back to the drawing board to do better.

According to David Lutalo, he doesn’t understand why Pallaso took his advise as an insult yet he was trying to help him.

He said the truth will remain the truth and Pallaso needs to do better in order to keep on the straight line like he has been on for so many years.

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