Selfish NUP Members not happy with new two term limit, threaten to leave party


A section of political analysts have warned that the recent amendment of the party constitution of the NUP Party to introduce a two year term limit could force some members out of the party.

The new amendment was adopted over the weekend during an extra-ordinary meeting to analyse proposals by its constitutional review committee.

The amendment stipulates that one is only eligible for a two five-year term period and there after leaves the position.

However, Makerere don says that the amendment will only affect the top leaders.

“It comes from the challenge of leaders who do not want to leave power in Africa. That is what is motivating them to put such a radical move however is it is possible or not that is something different” He said.

Leaders such as the president of the party will be affected since they are more influential and may want to diversify ideas but for levels such as MPs is going overboard because they do not have the mandate of influence in shaping the direction of the party.


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Muwanga Deo

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