Slay Queen Makes Her 1 Room Look Like 5-Star Hotel, Arranges Microwave, Dinning Set, Cooker in Small Space

A young woman took to Facebook to show off her humble abode, which she has turned into a home, Ntando MaMvelase Mthembu revealed her one-room house, which features a kitchen, dining room, lounge and bedroom

She only pays R1 100 (N28,534.21) for rent a month, and netizens were left quite impressed by how she utilized the space

A woman took to social media to proudly show off her little yet lovely living space, leaving many netizens quite impressed.

Ntando MaMvelase Mthembu posted images of her one room which she has managed to turn into a whole house and only pays R1 100 for rent a month.

The well-utilized space comprises a kitchen, dining room, lounge and bedroom all in one. It boasts lovely furniture pieces and is undeniably neat and clean.

Ntando captioned the Facebook post

“My one room!” Several netizens responded to the post with compliments on her humble abode and others with further suggestions on how she could possibly improve it.

Tusha Palate replied: “Oh my gosh this room is so beautiful and neat…nothing to change there, its perfect the way it is sis wam. Don’t move anything, don’t take anything of top of anything, leave it the way it it your room your choices…you inspired me yeeerr.”

Clare Muzuni reacted: “Absolutely amazing, this one room went to a private school .”

Hazel Kabuswe Masalo responded: “I’d cut it into 2 so that I can Have some kind of privacy on the bedroom part.”

Judith Ado replied: “Nice and clean…But can also try to put your sofa’s n tv stand close to the kitchen stuff than bed…

Chratia Thobejane commented: “Your space looks beautiful. Remove the pots on top of the fridge, remove those buckets up there and also remove things on top of the microwave. There’s lot of things on-top of other things.”

Ivy Kahuro said: “Simple and neat. Looks amazing.”

Gift Happy Deep wrote: “Very nice can I come and visit?”

Lady renovated a room in father’s house Meanwhile, East African Vibes earlier reported that a Nigerian lady, @bostypresh,

stirred massive reactions after she shared a short video on the renovation she carried out on a room in her father’s house.

The room’s flooring was redone and cool tiles were installed. In the clip, men could also be seen working on the walls to give it a beautiful look.

After she was done with the wall design, she complemented the white painting on the wall with a colourful wardrobe.


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