Opposition proposes a 300,000Ugx Boda boda license for road users

Shadow Finance Minister Muwanga Kivumbi in his proposal contained in the Minority Report to the Traffic and Road Safety Amendment Bill 2023 suggests that bodaboda users pay road licence fee of atleast 300,000Ugx to get on the road and in addition, undergo mandatory training for accreditation before they are licensed to work on Ugandan roads.

The proposal presented is meant to enhance discipline on Uganda’s roads according to kivimbi. The suggestion is also meant to offer redress to the escalating road carnage plaguing the country.

Kivumbi’s proposal was made as an objection to the government’s Shs500,000 charged on the motorcycle owners, with the opposition reasoning that the said charge is prohibitive in nature.

“We propose that for one to ride a boda boda on any road in Uganda, one first undergoes mandatory training, accreditation and licensing by the Ministry of Transport,” Kivumbi suggested adding that the proposal is hinged on the fact that all road accident reports issued by the Police indicate that accidents attributed to boda boda riders account for over 70 per cent, most of which are fatal.

In defense of the aforementioned proposal, the Butambala County lawmaker said: “Most of our riders are not properly trained and their motorcycles are not road worthy.

suggested that the boda boda license be issued by the Ministry of Works and Transport at a charge of Shs30,000- renewable after every two years.


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