Judge’s driver arrested over threat to hurt his boss

Pius Bigirimana, the permanent secretary and secretary to the judiciary has said that the driver who went on social media ranting about his inadequate pay is going to answer for his unlawful actions.

Stanley, a driver at the judiciary posted audio clips online threatening to kill his boss over poor pay.

His actions led police to arrest him although the charges were not specified.

Bigirimana has also written to the driver demanding for explanations over the driver’s conduct and why he did not address his issues with the bodies concerned for re-dress.

Bigirimana accused the driver for not informing his boss but instead opted for tainting the image of the judiciary.

“Why would a driver go and post lies on social media? There is a transport officer, why donnt you come to me? We are going to deal with that” he said.


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Muwanga Deo

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