Rahmah Pinky blasts those who accused her of being unsober

Former TNS singer Rahmah Pinky apparently is not happy withball those that accuse her of being unsober all the time.

Taking to a video, Pinky blasted all those saying that she’s ever high. The Picha singer said that if anyone has proof of how she’s always high, they should bring it forward.

And if there is anyone who has ever bought anything to make her high, they should also come forward. And if this is not the case, then these people should definitely shut up because she’s good.

It should be recalled that young musician was allegedly kicked out of TNS by Jeff Kiwa for always being high.

This is after she was seen in a club puffing high on shish. However she’s constantly always denied of using any toxic substances.

And this accusation from the public seems like one that has really gotten to her nerve and she would prefer it to stop.


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