I Will Always Speak The Truth People Don’t Want To Hear – Kapa Cat

Trending female musician Tumusiime Catherine also known as Kapa Cat has vowed to always speak the truth people wouldn’t want to hear. She made this statement following the skin-bleaching comments she made about different musicians.

Uganda has the Freedom of Speech but most people refuse to speak the truth. Especially that which might be considered painful.

This is common in politics and the music industry. People fear making negative comments as they may affect the brand and even the individual personally.

But for Kapa Cat, that is none of her business like putting down the brand. She speaks about something the way it is. The singer doesn’t care if it will affect anyone or not. That is not her problem. Kapa Cat said she will always speak the truth whether loved or hated.

In a recent interview, Kapa Cat said Spice Diana bleaches her skin that’s why she looks more brown. This statement has never been said by anyone yet there are so many people in the entertainment industry that know the truth.

Kapa Cat said Spice Diana should be thankful to her for finally revealing the truth. And those hating her for speaking the truth should expect even more.

The singer said she values being real than anything else in this world. Because reality will always set someone free.

“I will always speak the truth although I know most people will hate me for that. I want to let everyone know that I value being real more than anything else,” she said.


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