Abitex Left In Tears After DNA Results Reveal out of 9 Kids one turned out to be his

Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi aka Abitex revealed that he was left in shock after he took his children from DNA tests.

According to the promoter, he has so far taken 9 of his alleged children for paternity tests. Shockingly out of these 9 kids, just one turned out to be his.

The promoter recounted one incident where he took one of his favorite children for a test. According to him, when leaving his house, it’s his hat and phone that he can’t forget because they are so dear to him.

However, after being informed that this child wasn’t his, he asked for his hat, only to be told it was on his head. This is because he had gotten shocked.

Abitex added that he has faced a lot of problems with women. However, this just left him in shock as these kids were already under his care.

“I have suffered a lot with women to be honest. These past months have seen me deal with a lot of shock. I took 9 of my children for DNA tests but only one turned out to be mine. I vividly remember how I was left shocked after one of my favorite children turned out not to be mine,” said Abitex.

His debacle is one of the many that many men out there are currently facing. The National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) recently revealed that over 30 men had approached them to have their details pertaining to their children changed.

This is after DNA results confirmed to them that they were raising children who aren’t theirs.


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