VIDEO: Pretty Nicole’s real video finally released by her unapologetic ex boyfriend

Trending Pretty Nicole’s real video has finally been released by her unapologetic ex-boyfriend, Omwana  ayiina work, homework ne holiday package in a nutshell👌

Pretty Nicole has been making rounds on social for the previous week for her juicy video that was threatened to be released by one of her ex-boyfriends. The video has been said not to be in existence although someone has released it.

The friend was arrested for her beating and Pretty Nicole was sent to school to continue with her education.  She had dripped out during Covid19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, Pretty Nicole escaped from school saying she can’t manage her education and that she wants to join the music industry.

Pretty Nicole’s face is however not shown in the videos released. The only thing being seen is her back which they say is hers.

Without the face no one can determine if she is really the girl in the videos although she has been very unruly these days.  The video has so much unwanted content on the website anyone willing to see it should wait…


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