HOOO!!! Laba Winnie Nwage kyebamukoze live on stage

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi left a man with a hard on after she erotically danced with him on stage. This fan got a time of his life after the bootylicious singer let him feel her goodies with his third leg.

Seated on a chair, Nwagi seated and danced sexily on top of him as the crowd cheered on loudly. As this man was still looking for a target to launch his missile.

But good enough Nwagi’s anti-missile radar detected it quickly and she fled the chair leaving the man in the phase of trying to recoil his wire.

It seems the Malaika singer is at times lovely with the fans if they behave. And they are likely to get to feel some of her juice.

However those who misbehave are the ones that she ends up beating mercilessly and putting in their place.


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