Precious Remmie’s real age revealed

Media personality Precious Remmie real name Nakiito Rehema has finally revealed her real age. Remmie has been so private about when she was born saying people keep calling her so old although she doesn’t care about that.

Since she is now a married woman, Precious Remmie openly revealed when she was born on a National television.

Although people have been seeing her as a lady who is in her late 30s Precious Remmie actually made 31 years. She said she was born in 1992 and she knows some people are not going to believe it.

Actress Precious Remmie however said those that want to believe should believe and those that don’t want she doesn’t mind about them.

“I was actually born in 1992 and I know most people are not going to believe it. I have actually been not talking about my age because of people’s negativity although I am now old enough,” Precious Remmie revealed.



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