Okwepicha okwepicha VIDEO😂😂mutabani womugaga mu Kampala Police emukutte asabula namukadde mu mmotokka

Police were left stunned and shocked at the same time after they nabbed one of Kampala’s tycoon’s son pants down.

This fella was all wasted up by the roadside inside his car. Surprisingly, he was not alone but with another lady.

All the two were so drunk and had no clothes on meaning they were eating the forbidden fruit. The lady however seemed old enough to be the man’s mother.

They hardly could talk to clarify who they were and Police had to work tooth and nail to extract details from them. It was then that they got told by the man how he’s father is a manufacturer and one of Kampala’s top men.

This however didn’t stop the Police from apprehending and shaming them on camera. It should be noted that having sex in open places is a crime classified under public nuisance.


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