“Namukadde Sheebah munanfuusi, alina obujja ate tayagaliza” Spice Diana ayingidde mu battle

With singer Sheebah Karungi always claiming that he is a feminist fighting for the rights of the girl-child, it looks like Spice Diana has never bought the act as she has now come out and laughed in her face labeling her a ‘Fake Feminist Snake.’

Through her social media platforms, Spice Diana posted a photo of herself looking gorgeous in a Brown and White outfit, but the caption is what caught most people’s attention.

“I told you, time will tell, he who laughs last laughs best. #BitterFakeFeminist 🤮🤧 And a snake is always a snake”- she captioned.

Even though she did not mention Sheebah’s name, it was all evidently clear whom she was referring to as both artistes have had their differences in the past and made them public.

Spice Diana’s post follows Sheebah and Cindy’s press conference that saw Sheebah expose Cindy and some media personality dirty laundry before fleeing the pressor prematurely.


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