Sophie Nantongo Criticized BY SheebahHolics For Body Shaming Sheebah Kalungi

Veteran singer Sophie Nantongo along with fans and other singers have already taken in the Sheebah-Cindy rivalry with some of these deciding to even go personal.

Sophie Nantongo, however, found herself getting criticized for body-shaming Sheebah. It should be noted that the Kisumuluzo singer already displayed her side weeks ago and this was Team Nokia (Cindy). And therefore, it’s no wonder that she decided to go personal against the self-styled queen karma.

Taking to her Facebook page, she pointed out how Sheebah’s armpits are so dark. It should be noted that the Tosobola singer graced the ceremony while putting on just a brassiere.

“Naye Ekwawa Zo,” loosely translating for “but the armpits!!.” Fans there and then started attacking the veteran female singer as they told her to go and learn more about melanin and hyperpigmentation.

“After God fear women, because what is this,” socialite Judith Heard said. “Imagine a woman body-shaming a fellow woman because of hyperpigmentation. You need to educate yourself more and not express your ignorance,” another said.

“Please wait when they call Kadongo Kamu artists,” another added. Meanwhile, the battle between the two ladies organized by Victoria University will go down on the 15th of September.

This will be at the Kololo Independence Grounds. It has already ripened and both camps are exchanging heated words.

It looks to be a spicy and fun head-to-head concert. This is because the build-up is just turning out to be as one would have definitely expected it to be.


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