Spice Diana Is Always Seeking Attention, she should switch from artiste to socialite- Bad Black

Socialite Bad Black has hit out at singer Spice Diana saying that she’s always seeking validation and attention. This follows the battle between Sheebah and Cindy. The two ladies are definitely the ones owning the headlines these days.

Apparently, Spice Diana who is definitely one of the top singers has decided to pull a few theatrics to make sure she’s in the news. She took to her social media pages and hit out at Sheebah.  She called the self-styled queen karma a fake feminist. She also added that a snake will always be a snake no matter what. And he who laughs last laughs best.

“I told you, time will tell, he who laughs last laughs best. Bitter fake feminist. And a snake is always a snake,”the Siri Regular singer said.

Of course, she did face a lot of criticism, with many branding her a calculator which was uninvited in the iPhone and Nokia battles. Among the critics was Bad Black. T

he ex-convict said that Spice Diana is the true definition of Eddy Kenzo’s new songBalipila Boda. This is because she always wants the focus to be on her and now she’s hurting deep inside as the news is focusing on two other singers who are definitely bigger and better than her. “Spice Diana is a true definition of Balipila Boda a new song by Eddy Kenzo,”she said.


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