TUFUDDE!! Zari afulumiza akatambi ne SHakib | Naye omukazi ono oba kiki?

Socialite and business woman Zari the Bosslady has surprised fans with a video of her husband Shakib on social media.

She filmed him while sleeping and his snoring was all exposed on social media something that is not right in African society.

It is very odd to find a woman recording her husband and posting that on social media for everyone to see how they have fun.

For Zari the Bosslady, it’s all about likes she doesn’t care about the privacy as long as she gets what she wants on social media. Zari is a mother of five children and some are old enough to see the videos she is posting on social media.

She said she wants to add another child abd become the mother of six children as that has been her dream for so long.

Here is the video;


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