Geosteady Reveals Why He Stopped Ex Prima Kardashi From Being In Media

Singer George Hassan Kigozi also known as Geosteady has revealed why he restricted his ex-wife Prima Kardashi from appearing in the media. These two were together for more than eight years.

They even have two beautiful daughters. Unfortunately, they ended their relationship in 2019 after Geosteady cheated on her and sired another child with his video vixen.

For the time they were in a relationship, Prima wasn’t so much in the media. She only appeared to promote her business the Prima Lusaniya and her bleaching creams.

It wasn’t something new because celebrities usually protect their families from social media trolls and hatred. When they separated, however, she started appearing more in the media, which left so many questions about her previous life.

According to Geosteady, he is the one who stopped her from being in the media so much. He said Prima has excitement issues and once she gets in the media she might say some things that are not supposed to be spoken at the time.

“I think my fans started seeing Prima in the media more after we separated. The only reason is that I used to stop her from being in the media. I know how excited she becomes and I knew she might say things that I don’t want her to say,” he said.

Geosteady also said the relationship started becoming toxic and that’s the reason he even cheated on her multiple times.


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