Shakira Shakiraa flashes her sumbie on stage

Forever upcoming singer Shakira Shakiraa left revellers in shock during one of the extra concerts of singer David Lutalo. The Am in Love singer stepped on stage to perform with Lutalo in a very daring costume.

It barely covered her sumbie and nyash cheeks. These kept propping out as she performed and she struggled to pull this skimpy costume down. Her queen dancer was equally wearing the same and indeed birds of the same feather flock together.

It’s not the first time that Shakira is going overly sexual. She has on countless times stripped on her social media pages. And when it comes to stage performances, she always goes way overboard in revealing what should be kept inside.

It’s fair to say that her music is not as famous as her wearing and erotic social media activity. This is one of the ways to keep herself relevant when the music can’t sustain her.


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