“I Will Not Get Tired of Telling You Guys that Sheebah Does Not Have Talent”- Cindy insists

Cindy Sanyu, the President of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), has taken another swipe at her rival, Sheebah Karungi maintaining her statement that she is totally talentless but lucky when it comes to the music industry.

The drama unfolded at a lavish dinner party hosted by Cindy to celebrate her recent performance at the Kololo music battle.

Cindy didn’t mince words when asked about Sheebah’s musical prowess. In her signature unapologetic style, she bluntly stated that Sheebah lacks natural talent but has the skills to sustain her career.

According to Cindy, “I want to maintain that Sheebah is not talented. But I have huge respect for her because she’s been able to skillfully push herself to success without talent. For our show, it was the best she ever did. The only problem comes when they try to compare her with me.

I’m out of her league. Besides, she had one of the best bands in the country but made them look so bad because of lack of talent”, Cindy said while speaking to the media.

With her tongue firmly in cheek, Cindy playfully suggested that Sheebah might be playing in a league of her own, implying that she was outshining her rival. It’s a bold claim, given Sheebah’s track record as the hitmaker behind “Boom Party” and numerous other chart-toppers.

In a surprising twist, Cindy praised Sheebah for leading the Maestro Band, a revered musical ensemble in Uganda. But there was a sting in her words as she suggested that Sheebah’s singing sometimes let down the band’s stellar musicians.

This latest exchange adds another spicy chapter to the ongoing rivalry between Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi. While the public feud provides ample entertainment for fans and media alike, it also underscores the competitive spirit and diverse opinions thriving in Uganda’s vibrant music industry.

As tensions continue to simmer, music enthusiasts can’t help but wonder what fiery exchanges await in the ever-entertaining showdown between these two musical titans. Stay tuned for the next explosive episode in Uganda’s musical drama.


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