“Learn To Speak English Before Asking For Battle” Keko Attacks Recho Rey

Legendary rapper Keko has come out and attacked fellow female rapper Recho Rey. She has told her to learn to speak English before asking for a music battle from her.

Keko hasn’t been doing music for some years. She has been in Canada where she went to seek greener pastures.

The last time she was in the news was when she recorded herself drinking and the police came to her apartment to see if she was doing fine. She was drinking on a live Instagram but ever since that moment, she kind of went quiet on social media.

It looks like the rapper was working on her life to do better. Last month she travelled back to Uganda to revive her music career.

She has been doing some media interviews saying she is back to sing. She will also take over the industry like she did before moving to Canada.

According to Keko, she heard Recho Rey asked her for a music battle. However, she doesn’t think Rey can match up to her level. The singer said Recho Rey personally doesn’t speak English but once she does, she will be able to battle.

“I want Recho Rey to first learn how to speak English and then later ask for a battle. I can’t battle someone who doesn’t Know how to speak the language I know most,”she said.


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