Winnie Nwagi Urges Diaspora Promoters to Prioritize Artist Comfort to Travel with Business Class Travel

In a recent heartfelt declaration, Winnie Nwagi, the celebrated songstress from Swangz Avenue, extended a passionate plea to diaspora promoters, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the comfort and well-being of musicians. Her plea? To consider accommodating these artists in the opulence of business class when they take to the skies.

Recognizing the invaluable contributions of artists in spreading the rich tapestry of Ugandan music and culture far beyond its borders, Nwagi firmly believes that offering them a more comfortable travel experience is not merely a token of gratitude. It stands as a tangible means to elevate their performance and bolster their overall productivity on the global stage.

Nwagi’s impassioned plea comes on the heels of her own firsthand experience, as she luxuriated in the amenities of business class during her flight to Germany, where she is scheduled to grace the stage tonight.

In her assertion, Nwagi makes it clear that it’s not a question of economy class being inherently unfavorable. However, for an artist, the experience can be fraught with discomfort and awkwardness, ranging from the potential of being recognized by adoring fans while confined to cramped economy seats, to involuntary snoring and other similarly inconvenient situations.

In her own words, she beseeches, “Please, first, save enough money to ensure that you will treat us and our artists like the STARS they are. We are already grappling with enough inequities in this industry.

We deserve better. Traveling is undoubtedly exciting, but it is crucial not to exploit an artist’s enthusiasm. Our music and the demand for our performances are precisely why you book us. This means that we both rely on each other, so please don’t treat us as if you are bestowing us with favors.”

The acclaimed “Musawo” singer maintains that even in the absence of diaspora shows, musicians have the ability to earn a livelihood in their homeland, embracing their roots while continuing to thrive.

In a powerful and resounding message, Nwagi urges, “START BOOKING BUSINESS CLASS FOR EVERY ARTIST THAT DESERVES IT…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…Give us your best treatment, and we shall, in turn, deliver our best in performance. #respectfully Thank you. One Love.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, Winnie Nwagi’s plea serves as a reminder of the importance of equitable treatment for artists, ensuring that they have the opportunity to flourish and share their talents with the world.


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