Precious Remmie’s Emotional Response to Pressure About giving birth

In a poignant and heartfelt press conference, television personality and actress Precious Remmie bared her soul as she grappled with the emotional weight of the ongoing criticism regarding her inability to conceive a child with her husband, Raymond Bindeeba. Tears welled up in her eyes as she stood at the podium, addressing the public with grace and candor.

It has been two years since the radiant celebration of love between Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba in a vibrant customary “Kukyala” ceremony. During this time, the couple has found themselves under an increasingly critical gaze, with many eagerly awaiting the patter of little feet.


With her characteristic grace and honesty, Remmie chose this moment to open up about the challenges she and her husband have been facing and to make it clear that her inability to conceive is not a matter of choice.

Her voice trembling with emotion, she shared the profound impact that the relentless criticism had on her. Remmie firmly asserted that a woman cannot legally wed her beloved spouse and at the same time decide not to have children.

She also noted that a significant portion of the negative comments came from other women, expressing a heartfelt wish for understanding and empathy rather than criticism.

In a particularly emotional revelation, Remmie emphasized that she does not possess the divine ability to predict the exact moment when a child will come into their lives. Her words resonated with countless couples dealing with similar challenges, and she expressed her deep distress over the unfavorable comments that had been directed her way.

Tears flowed freely down Remmie’s cheeks as she conveyed her unwavering faith that her prayers would be answered and that she and Raymond would be blessed with a child in due time.

Precious Remmie’s heartfelt words shone a light on a deeply personal struggle that many couples face but rarely discuss in the public eye.

Her openness and vulnerability touched the hearts of countless individuals who are wrestling with fertility issues. Her message of hope and determination serves as a powerful reminder that love, understanding, and support are vital components of the journey to parenthood.


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