“Bebe Cool is a strange mad man” Nigerian singer Tems Blames Bebe Cool for Her Prison Nightmare in Uganda, Opens Up About Her Challenging Time

Nigerian songstress Tems recently shared her distressing experience of being detained in a Ugandan prison for two days in 2020, alongside fellow artist Omah Lay.

In a candid interview with Angie Martinez, Tems recounted the grim conditions she endured during her time in detention.


She described the cramped and dreary prison cell in which she was confined and the overwhelming fear and uncertainty that enveloped her.

Tems mentioned how she was provided with an unpleasant-smelling uniform and forced to sleep on the cold, hard floor without a bed or any basic amenities.

Tems expressed that she was kept in the dark about the charges against her and her legal rights, which only added to her anxiety about a potential long-term imprisonment.

Despite the trying circumstances, Tems conveyed her gratitude to her fans for their unwavering support. She stressed the crucial role of their prayers and encouraging messages, which helped her find strength and resilience during the difficult period.

In the same interview, Tems pointed fingers at Bebe Cool for her detention, referring to him as an enigmatic “mad man.” This revelation sheds light on the circumstances surrounding her imprisonment and raises questions about the complexities of her ordeal.


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