Tash Hubby ayingidde mulutalo lwa Zahara Toto Ne Zubedda Byantalo

BBS Terefayina presenter, Tash Hubby, has used her platform to address fellow Sanyuka TV presenter Zahara Toto, expressing concern about her disrespectful behavior towards other women.

Zahara has faced criticism for her negative comments directed at actress Shamim Mayanja, which many view as unnecessary and unwarranted.


In her message, Tash Hubby urged Zahara to abandon her negative behavior and exhibit more humility towards others.

She took the opportunity to commend women such as Faridah Nakazibwe, Diana Nabatanzi, and Maggie Kigozi for their elegance and dignity, underscoring the significance of respecting and uplifting fellow women.

Tash emphasized that life extends beyond the realms of TV and social media, urging Zahara to mature and heal from any struggles she may be facing.

Drawing comparisons between Zahara and those she consistently targets, Tash pointed out that the latter are achieving much more.

Encouraging Zahara to seek help and support, Tash urged her to concentrate on fostering positive relationships. The post has triggered an online discussion, with many applauding Tash Hubby for taking a stand against negativity while promoting a culture of positivity and kindness.

It is hoped that Zahara will take Tash’s advice to heart, striving to cultivate a more positive and respectful persona in the process.


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