As a good parent, this is what you should do this long school holiday: A Parent’s Guide to Quality Time with Children

As the much-anticipated third-term holiday unfolds, parents find themselves contemplating the challenge of keeping their children engaged for the extended three-month break.

While holiday camps organized by child experts are gaining popularity, it’s essential not to relinquish the parental role entirely. Here are some tips for being a hands-on parent during this lengthy school holiday:


1. **Pray Together:** Foster a sense of calm and reduce anxiety by making family prayer time a priority. Encourage scripture recitation and memorization as a way to draw closer to spiritual values.

2. **Monitor Activities:** Be mindful of your children’s dress code and oversee their television choices. Actively participate in their lives by creating time for shared activities. Enroll them in vocational skills training to limit excessive TV time and instill valuable life skills.

3. **Parental Role Modeling:** Set the right example for your children. Teach them basic etiquette, the importance of respect, and gratitude. Be a listening ear during their challenges, offering regular counseling sessions.

4. **Financial Literacy:** Instead of simply giving money, introduce a reward system. Appreciate and reward good behavior, supporting and promoting their visions and dreams.

5. **Supervise Social Interactions:** Discourage unnecessary visits and emphasize seeking permission before going out. Sensitize your children about safety, including sharing age-appropriate information about HIV/AIDS.

6. **Sleep Arrangements:** Ensure separate bedrooms for boys and girls to foster a healthy and respectful living environment.

7. **Promote a Positive Atmosphere:** Avoid domestic violence and refrain from speaking negatively about your children’s teachers in their presence.

8. **Basic Needs and Family Time:** Be a consistent provider within your means, ensuring the fulfillment of basic needs. Share meals together as a family to strengthen bonds.

9. **Holiday Packages:** While holidays are a break from school work, encourage children to complete their holiday packages to keep their minds engaged and ready for the upcoming term.

10. **Show Love and Care:** Above all, shower your children with love and care. Embrace the school holiday as an opportunity to deepen your connection and create lasting memories together.


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