“Lwasa mukadde nyo ate size ya sausage” BBS Terefayina’s Haffy powers speaks out

Masaka’s prominent entrepreneur, Emmanuel Lwasa, recently made surprising revelations during an exclusive interview with popular gossip commentator Kasuku.

Lwasa openly admitted to having a crush on Haffy Powers, the charismatic host of “BBS Sumulula,” a weekday morning show airing from 07:00 to 09:00 am on BBS Television.


In the interview, Lwasa expressed his admiration for Haffy Powers and hinted at his desire to be in a relationship with her.

However, it seems that the feeling is not mutual, as Haffy Powers dismissed Lwasa’s advances, citing age differences and her reluctance to engage in a relationship that feels like settling for less.

The unexpected revelation adds an intriguing twist to the dynamics between the Masaka tycoon and the BBS Sumulula host.

As Lwasa continues to navigate the complexities of his personal life in the public eye, only time will tell how this revelation will impact their interactions on and off the screen.


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