KITALO!! Hustler okuva e’Iganga yaffudde oluvanyuma olwokulemelelwa okufuna obujjajabi

In a remarkable tale of strength and determination, Nantale Samali, originally from Iganga, embarked on a journey to Saudi Arabia with the assistance of Eskom Link company a year ago. Little did she know that her resilience would be put to the test in the face of a debilitating health crisis.

Months into her employment, Nantale began experiencing persistent headaches. Despite her pleas for medical attention, her appeals fell on deaf ears. As time passed, the intensity of the headaches increased, eventually leading to the alarming loss of vision in her left eye about a month ago.


Surprisingly, even in the wake of this distressing development, Nantale continued to be denied the medical care she desperately needed. Her and her family’s heartfelt cries to her employers and relevant offices seemed to fall on indifferent ears.

It wasn’t until Nantale reached a point where she could no longer stand or walk that her employers finally took notice. A decision was made to rush her to the hospital, marking a long-overdue turn in her journey toward receiving the medical attention she had been pleading for.

Nantale Samali’s story highlights the challenges faced by many migrant workers, particularly when it comes to accessing essential healthcare. Her resilience and determination, however, stand as a testament to the strength of individuals facing adversity and shed light on the need for improved support systems for migrant workers in foreign countries.


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