“NZE KANO SISOBOLA KALYA” Mikie Wine Sets the Record Straight on Relationship Speculations with Rahmah Pinky

Singer Mikie Wine has taken a decisive step to address rumors surrounding his alleged romantic involvement with young singer Rahmah Pinky. Dismissing any misconceptions, he clarified that Pinky is like a sister to him, emphasizing that he has no intention of making the mistake of falling in love with her.

Mikie’s statements come in response to a video circulating on social media showing the two artists engaged in playful banter. Despite the light-hearted interaction, Mikie Wine is adamant about the platonic nature of their relationship.


Rahmah Pinky, known for relationship scandals with older men, has faced rumors of romantic involvement with Grenade Official and others. Notably, her family had arranged for her to marry an older wealthy man, but she eloped on the wedding day.

In the video that sparked the speculation, Mikie Wine and Pinky were seen laughing and chatting, with subsequent photos showing them sharing a meal in a restaurant. Mikie, however, maintains that their connection is purely friendly and sisterly, refuting any claims of a romantic involvement.

Addressing the situation, Mikie Wine remarked, “Me and Rahmah Pinky are just friends, and she is a sister to me. I don’t know why people would even say I am dating her.” He asserted that people are free to speculate, but the truth remains unchanged.


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