BULI OMU ASABILE MR. UPDATES | Photo of Ailing Muhammad Ssegirinya Swollen Stomach Shocks Nation

A profoundly unsettling photograph depicting the deteriorating health of Muhammad Ssegirinya, the Member of Parliament for Kawempe South, has reverberated across the nation, heightening anxieties about the gravity of his medical condition.

The distressing image captures Ssegirinya with a visibly swollen stomach, shedding light on the severity of his current health crisis.


Ssegirinya, who was recently readmitted to Nsambya Hospital, continues to grapple with a series of health complications, with his stomach swelling emerging as a critical concern that demanded urgent medical attention.

During his earlier treatment in the Netherlands, Ssegirinya candidly shared the grim reality of his health, disclosing, “I am suffering from skin cancer and have lung infections. If I did not come to the hospital in time, I would die in 6 months. Even my liver has swellings which doctors say should be cut.”

The widely shared photograph on social media has prompted an outpouring of sympathy and concern from the public. Many are expressing solidarity with the embattled legislator, calling for increased awareness about serious health conditions.

Ssegirinya, known for his outspoken advocacy and community engagement, has been transparent about the challenges he faces. In a recent statement, he shared, “They keep piling on more diseases; each time they come with a new development. I am frustrated.

They have performed an endoscopy and several tests to determine the wounds and swellings on the liver.” The situation has sparked a collective concern for the well-being of the parliamentarian, whose health struggles are now in the public eye.


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