My Mother In Law And Daughters Gang Up Against Me Because I Am Yet To Conceive For My Husband.

A 32-year-old woman share the story of a challenging but ultimately triumphant journey to motherhood with my husband of six years. Our struggle to conceive was exacerbated by the unwelcome interference of my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law.

Living with my husband, who works in a bank and often returned late from work, provided a challenging environment for any sinister plans by his family. My mother-in-law’s hurtful comments about our childless state were a constant source of tension. However, I chose to ignore her, recognizing her attempts to sow discord between me and my husband.


During one visit, my mother-in-law, accompanied by her daughters, sought to implement a plan to eject me from the house if they discovered I was yet to conceive. Fortunately, my husband was aware of their intentions and sought help from Dr. Ohanu’s spiritual home. To their dismay, I was already a month pregnant when they executed their plan.

Prior to seeking spiritual help, we had visited numerous hospitals in our quest for parenthood, all in vain. My mother-in-law, relentless in her pursuit of a grandchild, even threatened to find another wife for my husband from the village, an idea he firmly rejected.

After the spiritual intervention, my pregnancy became evident within weeks, confirming the doctor’s earlier diagnosis. When my in-laws confronted us, expecting me to react to their abusive words, I remained silent. Their sinister motives crumbled when, seven months later, they found me with a newborn, returning from the hospital. Their disappointment was palpable, and they retreated, realizing their malicious plan had failed.

Strangely, since the birth of my first child and now with three children, none of them has visited us or maintained contact. However, recent news of my mother-in-law’s illness prompted a call from one of his sisters, seeking financial help.

My husband is understandably skeptical, considering their past actions and the distance they maintained after their failed attempt to introduce a second wife. What should be done in this delicate situation where family ties are strained, and trust is hard to rebuild?


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