“TWABADDE TETWEPICHA MU LODGE” Viral Survivor of City House Fire Clarifies

In a dramatic turn of events during Monday’s devastating fire at the City House building, one survivor has shared a gripping account of his escape, clad in nothing but a towel.

The calamitous fire, which erupted around 8 am along Luwum street in Kampala, left business owners grappling with significant losses as their properties succumbed to the relentless flames.


Amid the chaos, a bare-chested individual, identified as Johnny Jones, emerged as a focal point of attention. He stood near the inferno, wrapped in just a towel, observing as firefighters valiantly battled the blaze.

Photographs of Jones quickly went viral on social media, leading to speculation that he might have been leisurely enjoying time at a lodge when the fire broke out. Dismissing these assumptions, Jones clarified his situation in an interview with BBS TV.

“That’s the place I stay. That’s my home. I have been living there since 1982. That’s my father’s house. I was not in a lodge. That’s my place. That’s where I stay,” he asserted.

Describing the harrowing escape, Jones recounted, “I saw a lot of smoke at my door. When I saw the fire, I just jumped out in my towel. The smoke covered me; I just jumped out. I couldn’t see.”

The gravity of the situation became evident as the fire claimed one life, as confirmed by Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy spokesperson of Kampala Metropolitan. Owoyesigyire assured the public that investigations were underway to determine the precise cause of the fire.

“An immediate investigation has been initiated to determine the precise cause of the fire. The findings of this investigation will be promptly communicated to the public,” Owoyesigyire emphasized. In the wake of this tragic incident, the community awaits answers while grappling with the aftermath of the destructive fire.


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