I Will Only attend Lydia Jazmine’s concert if she invites me – Carol Nantongo

In response to rumors circulating about a rift between them, Nantongo addressed the media, stating, “If I’m called, I’ll attend,” when questioned about her relationship with Lydia Jazmine.

While not outright denying issues between them, Nantongo emphasized that she wouldn’t simply attend an event as a friend and stressed the importance of being officially invited.


“I may come and ruin your show,” she remarked, highlighting the need for a formal invitation. Lydia Jazmine’s upcoming concert at Hotel Africana in Kampala on March 1 has added fuel to the speculations surrounding their alleged feud.

Lydia Jazmine, sharing the exciting news on Instagram, expressed gratitude for her supporters and anticipated a memorable night at her debut concert. However, recent rumors suggest that the friendship between Jazmine and Nantongo soured after both discovered their connection to Eddy Kenzo.

Nantongo, while not dismissing the possibility of dating Kenzo, neither confirmed nor denied their past involvement. She clarified that her relationship with Kenzo is primarily inspired by music and art, emphasizing the artistic bond they share.

Regarding the social media drama between her and Jazmine, Nantongo stated, “The beef and exchange of words between me and Jazmine, I also only see on social media.”

She called for conclusive details from the source of the story and asserted her authenticity, explaining that she wouldn’t knowingly be involved with a married person, as she is not a marriage wrecker.

The situation has led to an observable change on social media, with Carol Nantongo and Lydia Jazmine no longer following each other on Instagram, adding a layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.


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