“Bobi WIne Newonokola otya nze Presidenti wo” Eddy Kenzo

Musician Eddy Kenzo has confidently proclaimed himself the president of the music realm, asserting his position in response to questions about an alleged incident involving Bobi Wine.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, the Big Talent boss refuted claims that he was denied the opportunity to greet the NUP/Firebase president at King Saha’s Ebiseera Ebyo concert at Hotel Africana.


Kenzo clarified that he never stood up from his chair upon Bobi Wine’s arrival, dismissing any suggestion of being bounced by security.

According to the BET Award winner, it was Bobi Wine who approached him, highlighting that he, as the elected president of the Uganda National Musicians Federation since May, deserves respect in the music industry.

Proudly emphasizing his status as a truly elected president serving his term, Kenzo asserted his rule over the music industry, particularly the sector from which Bobi Wine originated. In this narrative, it is Bobi Wine who is expected to show respect to Kenzo.

The ongoing exchange of words between Kenzo and Bobi Wine reached a new level this week when Bobi Wine claimed that musicians received over 30 billion shillings, alleging corruption.

Kenzo, in response, contests these accusations, adding another layer to the ongoing saga between the two prominent figures in Uganda’s music and political spheres.

“How can I get up to go and greet him? He’s a president of a political party and I’m the president of the music industry. This means that I’m his president, elected lawfully and serving his term. He, therefore, has to come and greet me because I’m his leader,” said Kenzo.


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