Zari Hassan Remembers Her Late Ex Ivan Ssemwanga On His Birthday

On December 12th, Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan commemorated a poignant day, marking the late birthday of her former husband, Ivan Ssemwanga. Despite his passing in 2017, Zari’s touching tribute unveiled the enduring bond they shared and the indelible legacy he left behind.

Ssemwanga, a prosperous businessman and father to Zari’s three eldest children, would have turned 46 on this special day. Even in his absence, Zari took to social media to celebrate his memory.


In a heartfelt Instagram post accompanied by a radiant photo of Ssemwanga, she wrote, “Happy birthday. I hope the angels are celebrating with you.”

Another post featured a candid snapshot of them relaxing together, offering a glimpse into their shared life and the happiness they once built. These tributes resonated with fans, providing a poignant window into their love story and the profound impact Ssemwanga had on Zari’s life.

Beyond personal memories, Zari acknowledged Ssemwanga’s lasting legacy, stating, “The legacy lives on. Happy birthday,” showcasing her commitment to preserving his memory and the values he instilled.

Ssemwanga, a prominent figure in Ugandan and South African communities, was known for his business acumen and larger-than-life personality. His untimely death left a void, but Zari’s continued remembrance ensures his spirit lives on.

Zari’s journey since Ssemwanga’s passing has been one of grief and resilience. She built a successful career as a businesswoman, found love again, and expanded her family with two more children.

Her story is a testament to the power of love and perseverance, resonating with those who have faced loss and found strength to move forward.

Although Ivan Ssemwanga’s life was cut short, his memory continues to inspire. Zari Hassan’s unique birthday tribute serves as a beautiful reminder of the love they shared, the legacy he built, and the strength she found in his absence. It is a story that touches hearts, urging us to cherish moments with loved ones, both past and present.


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