Patrick Salvado Criticizes Selfishness Among Musicians for Neglecting Alex Muhangi During URA Tax Battles

Renowned comedian Patrick Salvado has issued a passionate call for fellow musicians to stand in solidarity with Alex Muhangi as he faces an ongoing battle with the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

Speaking in a recent Facebook live broadcast, Salvado expressed his frustration over the burdensome taxes levied on the Comedy Store, a widely popular comedy show organized by Muhangi.

The financial strain caused by these excessive taxes forced the Comedy Store to relocate from the UMA showground to Lazio Bar.


Despite the significant contributions of musicians to the Comedy Store and the substantial fees they command for their performances, Salvado highlighted the conspicuous silence of the music community on this pressing issue.

Salvado underscored the importance of unity among musicians, urging them to unite with Muhangi in his efforts to reclaim the Comedy Store. He specifically called out Eddy Kenzo and the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), urging them to demonstrate their support for the cause.

The impact of the exorbitant URA demands extends beyond the Comedy Store, posing a serious threat to the broader entertainment industry. Salvado’s rallying cry serves as a plea for collective action to address the challenges faced by Muhangi and the entertainment sector at large.


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