Lydia Jazmine Unveils Hidden Ties How Feffe Bussi’s ‘Gravity’ Name Found a New Home with His Best Friend

Lydia Jazmine, the celebrated artist, chose Feffe Bussi’s birthday celebration as the perfect occasion to share a long-guarded secret with the rapper.

Both hailing from Cityland College Matugga, where they attended O-Level together, Jazmine took the opportunity to unveil a unique chapter in their shared history.


“Feffe is like my brother,” disclosed Jazmine, whose real name is Lydia Nabawanuka. “Back in school, he used to be known as Gravity, and he was the baddest rapper around.

This is a story you won’t hear anywhere else. We were both singers, and our combined awesomeness paved the way for our success.”

She went on, reminiscing about their school days: “We were friends, and his lugaflow performances were exceptional.”

The revelation extended to the origin of Feffe Bussi’s stage name, which was initially coined during their primary school days. According to Bussi, Gravity Omutujju, now a separate artist, gave him the name Gravity. Omutujju reclaimed the name later when he rose to stardom.

Although Omutujju and Bussi pursued different paths in secondary school—Omutujju at Old Kampala Secondary School, where he left after Senior Four due to financial constraints—their paths crossed again in the music industry.

Bussi sought support from Omutujju, who was already a star, marking the rekindling of their connection. However, over time, their friendship has weakened.

The birthday celebration, organized by Karole Kasita, attracted a notable guest list, including Bobi Wine, Pallaso, and Nubian Li, making it a memorable event in the music industry.


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