“Kati ye nze Boss lady” Catherine Kusasira Hijacks Zari’s Name

In a surprising move, veteran singer Catherine Kusasira has recently inaugurated a new chapter in Entebbe, accompanied by the adoption of the title ‘The Boss Lady,’ previously associated with socialite Zari Hassan.

Addressing inquiries about the alias, Kusasira confidently challenges others to scrutinize her and Zari, leaving it to the public to decide who truly embodies the essence of a boss lady.


Beyond the controversy, Kusasira positions her newly opened restaurant as a cornerstone of her retirement plan, appealing to the public for support. As she drums up enthusiasm for her establishment, she asserts herself as a culinary maestro, claiming to offer the best food in the country and encouraging people to experience it firsthand.

Attributing the excellence in her dishes to the use of the finest spices, Kusasira draws parallels between her culinary artistry, musical career, and marriage. She proudly states that even in her home, she takes charge of the kitchen, dispelling any notion of relying on a maid for cooking.

Interestingly, this trend of transitioning into the restaurant business extends to former members of Eagles Production, with Mesach Ssemakula’s Papa’s Spot in Makindye and Haruna Mubiru’s H&M. According to Kusasira, the time has come to shift away from mainstream music, signaling a new and exciting phase in her career.

“I decided to open up this restaurant as my retirement plan and I don’t want people to start sympathizing with me in my old age if I can’t afford myself. It’s named The Boss Lady and as an artist, you need to be creative. Those saying that Zari is the boss lady should look at me and her and compare. I’m an investor and I’m calling upon all people to come and support me,” she said.



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