“I Was Wrong” Omega 256 yetondedde Bobi Wine

Western Uganda-based singer Shamim Murerwa, popularly known as Omega 256, has taken a diplomatic step by offering a heartfelt apology to Bobi Wine, the president of the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Firebase.

This apology comes in the wake of the ongoing controversy surrounding the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), which has been perceived by some as harboring an anti-Bobi Wine sentiment.


Several months ago, a verbal clash erupted among artists after Bobi Wine made remarks about the UNMF, which some interpreted as labeling them as beggars. Since then, both the federation and the renowned artist have continued their activities, occasionally clashing on certain issues.

Recently, tensions flared up again when Bobi Wine accused fellow musicians of engaging in corruption with the government, alleging that they were set to receive 30 billion shillings of taxpayers’ money. In response, UNMF’s president, Eddy Kenzo, issued a counterstatement.

Omega 256, who was initially critical of Bobi Wine, has now expressed regret and issued an apology. She stated that she is perplexed about the alleged 18 billion shillings and how it is entering the federation’s coffers.

According to her, during discussions with the government about copyright laws, money was not part of the conversation, making the sudden mention of it surprising.

Contrary to the allegations, Eddy Kenzo denied any knowledge of the mentioned money and asserted that even if it existed, they, as Ugandans, have a right to it. Meanwhile, various individuals are expressing their own perspectives on the amount in question, adding layers to the ongoing controversy.

Additionally, the singer said that perhaps Bobi Wine was right to refer to them as beggars back then. And they just misinterpreted his message.

“Honestly I really love Bobi Wine and I have grown up listening to him. My earlier remarks were defending the federation because I believed in it. However, I’m confused about the 18 billion shillings I’m hearing. This is because when we were discussing the copyright law, we didn’t talk about money. It’s this that makes us look like beggars and maybe Bobi Wine was right. And we just misinterpreted him. So I’m really sorry to him,” she said.


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