From Ghetto to Grave: Bobi Wine Reflects on the Tragic Fate of Sobi, the Notorious City Robber

In a poignant reflection, the renowned Ugandan singer turned politician, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, popularly known as Bobi Wine, has shared his last encounter with the notorious city robber, Paddy Sserunjogi, alias Sobi, who met a tragic end on December 18, 2023.

Bobi Wine describes Sobi as a fool who believed he was aligned with the ruling regime, recounting their conversation from a few months prior.


Bobi Wine, sharing his thoughts through his X account, revealed that Sobi acquired his nickname from a trending movie of the time, “Escape from Sobibor.”

The movie depicted the harrowing story of a concentration camp during Nazi Germany, and Sobi adopted the name, which later evolved into Sobbi.

The fateful incident occurred on land in Kibaale village, Kigumba parish, Maddu Sub-County, Gomba district. A group of about 50 people armed with sticks, pangas, and spears attacked another group claiming ownership of the same land, resulting in Sobi’s tragic demise.

Bobi Wine’s tweet captures the essence of his encounter with Sobi: “THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM SOBIBOR,” a phrase Sobi often used boastfully in the ghettos of Kisenyi during the late ’90s. Despite Sobi’s criminal persona, he and Bobi Wine shared a long-standing friendship.

Sobi’s involvement in criminal activities, orchestrated by senior government officials, including robberies and land grabs, eventually led to his downfall.

During the 2021 elections, Sobi was used to harass Bobi Wine and played a role in the abduction and disappearance of over 50 individuals, including fellow boxers.

Bobi Wine reminded Sobi of the grim fate that awaited those who allowed themselves to be used by the regime against their own people. In their last meeting, Sobi confided in Bobi Wine, acknowledging that he engaged in dirty regime work to stay alive.

However, Bobi Wine warned him that he would never be accepted by the regime and would ultimately be discarded like “a useless piece of rubbish.”

Reflecting on Sobi’s tragic end, Bobi Wine emphasized that Sobi was a fool to believe he was one of them. The narrative serves as a poignant commentary on the complexities of individuals entangled in criminal activities, used as pawns by those in power, only to meet a dishonorable demise in the end.


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