Omuzinyi Moses Kawooya owa Samads yafiridde kumyaka 65

On Thursday night, the vibrant tapestry of the Ugandan entertainment industry dimmed as it bid farewell to one of its cherished pioneers, Moses Kawooya, a luminary of the Ssanyu African Music and Dramatic Society (SAMADS). The 65-year-old performer succumbed to an illness that had gripped him since the beginning of the year.

Moses Kawooya endeared himself to audiences with his captivating dance prowess, notably using his distinctive belly moves to captivate crowds at various events.


His frequent appearances at President Museveni’s functions elevated his status among locals, etching his name into the annals of Ugandan entertainment until his untimely demise.

The late entertainer’s challenges began amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, which imposed a prolonged lockdown, halting various professions. Kawooya’s taxi business bore the brunt of the economic downturn, aggravated by a mechanical fault in his vehicle, a repair he couldn’t afford during these challenging times.

In a recent interview with Vision Group, Kawooya recounted the genesis of his health struggles, tracing them back to a seemingly innocuous toothache. Unfortunately, the dental treatment he received led to complications, causing excruciating pain in his left jaw that eventually radiated to his head.

Tragically, the situation worsened, leading to paralysis on the left side of his head, rendering him incapable of self-sufficiency. A swelling on his neck compounded his health woes, and since then, Kawooya grappled with the ongoing struggle to access medical treatment.

Despite his plight, the late Moses Kawooya reached out to well-wishers and even sought financial assistance from President Museveni, but his pleas remained unanswered, underscoring the harsh realities faced by individuals in the entertainment industry during times of adversity.

As the curtain falls on Moses Kawooya’s vibrant legacy, the Ugandan entertainment community reflects on the challenges faced by its members, emphasizing the need for support and solidarity during trying times. May he rest in peace, and may his contributions be remembered fondly within the rich cultural tapestry of Uganda.


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