Miracle Baby Born With 26 Fingers and 14 Toes : Celebrating Uniqueness

In a heartwarming event at a hospital in Northwestern India’s Rajasthan, a baby girl has entered the world adorned with 14 fingers and 12 toes.

This charming anomaly, described by doctors as a genetic quirk, has captured the attention of the community, while the newborn’s family is overjoyed and has lovingly dubbed her the reincarnation of Dholagarh Devi, a revered local deity whose temple stands in close proximity to where the baby was born.

Dr. BS Soni, a medical professional at the hospital where the extraordinary delivery took place, reassures that the additional digits pose no harm to the baby’s health.

In fact, aside from this unique trait, the little girl is reported to be in perfect health, bringing immense joy to her family.


The family’s decision regarding potential surgery to alter the number of fingers and toes remains undisclosed. The community eagerly awaits updates on this special child’s journey, embracing the belief that her arrival is nothing short of a miracle, celebrating the beauty of diversity and uniqueness in this enchanting corner of Northwestern India.


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