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The tight-knit community in Makindye and its surroundings remains in a state of shock and grief following a tragic incident involving 21-year-old Atwine Shina and her boyfriend, Arnold Senkungu (24).

The heartbreaking turn of events unfolded after a bitter argument between the couple at their home in Kabalagala, a suburb in Makindye Division.


Arnold, affectionately known as Arnold Barber, was a well-known hair stylist and barber in Kampala, gaining recognition for his skills in the industry.

The son of Brian Barber, a prominent figure in styling celebrities in the country, Arnold had built a reputation for himself. The couple, survived by their five-month-old baby, left the community grappling with the profound loss.

Details reveal that the argument between Arnold Barber and Atwine took a dark turn, resulting in Atwine reportedly stabbing her boyfriend.

Those who knew Arnold were left questioning how such a talented and well-liked individual could meet such a tragic end.

Arnold Barber’s legacy as a skilled barber will be remembered fondly. His dedication to his craft and ability to transform hair into works of art earned him a loyal clientele, including celebrities like Feffe Bussi and DJ Shiru. Raster’s Saloon, the establishment he built from the ground up, stands as a testament to his hard work and success.

Amidst the grief, shocking revelations about Atwine’s background have come to light. DailyExpress has learned that Atwine had deceived her parents, faking her education at university and swindling money from them under the guise of tuition.

Despite cohabiting with Arnold, her parents believed she was staying in a hostel. Reports indicate that Atwine had confided in a friend about mistreatment, and her purchase of a new knife suggests a possible premeditated act leading to the tragic end of her relationship with Arnold.

The community now grapples with the aftermath of this heartbreaking incident, as they come to terms with the loss of Arnold Barber and the shocking revelations surrounding the events that unfolded.


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