“I was born to become a mother, and I will not stop having children until I reach 10” Chosen Becky Reveals

Local songstress, Chosen Becky, also known as Kwikiriza Rebecca, recently shared her ambitious goal of expanding her family to include ten children. Despite her flourishing career, she expressed a fervent wish to welcome a new addition to her family every year, if circumstances permit.

Currently a mother of three, Chosen Becky’s motherhood journey began during her high school years with the birth of her first child. Subsequently, she welcomed two more children into her family after tying the knot with her husband, Dictator Amir.


Earlier this year, the singer joyfully embraced motherhood once again with the arrival of her third child. Remarkably, just two weeks after giving birth, she was back on stage, showcasing her dedication to both her family and her profession.

Initially apprehensive about the challenges of childbirth as a public figure, Chosen Becky feared it might hinder her return to the stage. However, having successfully navigated the experience, she now sees it as an opportunity to inspire other women who desire children but face obstacles.

Reflecting on her newfound perspective, Chosen Becky emphasized that her goal is to create a large family of ten children, expressing hope for the possibility of twins at some point in her journey.

“I was born to become a mother, and I will not stop having children until I reach 10. Many women wish to have children but are unable to, and since I have the chance, I am determined to make the most of it,” shared Chosen Becky.

With a blend of dedication to her music career and a deep-rooted desire for a large and loving family, Chosen Becky’s journey unfolds with determination and joy, inspiring others to embrace their dreams wholeheartedly.


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