Chosen Becky Clashes with Event Promoter Over unpaid 3M Payment

Last night, singer Chosen Becky found herself in a heated verbal exchange with a promoter who failed to fulfill their payment obligations for her scheduled performance.

The incident unfolded at the Collins Hotel in Mukono, where Becky, punctual and prepared, took the stage for her anticipated show.


During her performance, Chosen Becky inquired about her outstanding balance of Ugx 3M, only to face an adamant refusal from the promoter, identified as Promoter Galaxy, to honor their contractual agreement.

According to Becky, the money had been provided to Promoter Galaxy by his boss, but he obstinately declined to compensate her for her talents.

Expressing her frustration, Chosen Becky revealed that she had turned down other show offers to prioritize the Collins Hotel performance, making the non-payment all the more disheartening. A visibly angry Becky took to her social media platforms to share a video of the incident, where she conveyed her disappointment before the promoter requested her to step down.

This unfortunate occurrence is not isolated for Chosen Becky, who disclosed that several promoters had failed to pay her even during the Christmas season. Despite these challenges, she chose to remain silent and perform for the sake of her fans and her professional reputation.

In her video message, the “Bankuza” singer shed light on the unseen dynamics of the industry, mentioning how promoters resort to blackmailing musicians when they decline performance offers. Expressing her dismay with unprofessional promoters, Chosen Becky specifically labeled Promoter Galaxy as fake.

Highlighting the real-life consequences of unpaid performances, Chosen Becky spoke about her struggles to cover her children’s school fees during the festive season due to non-payment by promoters.

In a plea for cooperation between promoters and musicians, she emphasized the need for mutual respect within the profession.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges artists face behind the scenes and the importance of fostering a more professional and collaborative industry.


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