Heartwarming Moment as Zuchu excites fans as she takes care of Diamond and Zari’s daughter

Tiffah struggled to find her words as she attempted to wipe away tears streaming down her face. A touching video capturing Tanzanian songstress Zuchu consoling Diamond’s eldest daughter, Princess Tiffah, has taken the internet by storm, sparking a range of emotions among netizens.

The viral footage depicts 7-year-old Tiffah, the shared child of Zuchu’s on-and-off boyfriend and boss, Diamond Platinumz, and Ugandan socialite Zari.


In the video, Tiffah is visibly distraught moments before Zuchu, the ‘Honey’ crooner, approaches her with soothing words and gestures.

Zuchu can be heard gently inquiring about the reason behind Tiffah’s tears. The young girl, struggling to articulate her emotions, attempts to wipe away the tears rolling down her face.

The undated video captures Diamond and his family, accompanied by Zuchu, enjoying a boat ride cruise when Tiffah becomes overwhelmed with emotion. Through a heartwarming conversation between Zuchu and Tiffah, the artist discovers that the little girl is frightened by the boat ride.

In a touching moment, Zuchu successfully helps Tiffah wipe away her tears, placing her tenderly next to her father. Covering the child with a light blanket, Zuchu reassures Tiffah that everything will be okay.

As the video unfolds, the Tanzanian songstress is heard comforting Zari’s child, guiding her toward her father seated nearby.

The poignant scene showcases the compassion and care extended by Zuchu in calming the young girl’s fears and ensuring her comfort during the family outing.

“Twende mum. You know it’s fun it’s just like a yacht… she’s scared. It’s just like yacht the one that you went with bibi it’s not dangerous,”

Still trying to console her, the’Chapati’crooner went on to add;

“You are not going to drown. Are you going to try and take a nap? what do you want to eat? Don’t cry. You don’t want to eat anything? Just try and take a nap,”


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